Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

James Trano

I used to work with James about 10 years ago and always knew him to be loyal and reliable. Because of Facebook, I knew that he later became a real estate agent. Because I wanted to work with someone that I knew, I contacted him to work with us. He was a pleasure to deal with and often talked me off the ledge late at night when I wasn't sure of the process.

Karen Zoeller

Dear Karen, Again you did an outstanding job in the purchasing of our new home. Those late night meetings after showings was a testament of your work ethic and dedication to your clients. As we settle into our new home we want to thank you again for all of your help and will be working with you again in the future for investment properties.  

Stephen Hueber

Stephen made the sale go smoothly due to his patience, knowledge, commitment and understanding. I would reccomend him to anyone wishing to sell or buy a home. He is a delightful person who does nothing but tell you the truth all throughout the process. You know you have someone who is watching out or your best interests when you are fortunate enough to have Stephen as your broker.

Paul Visconti

Paul did an outstanding job both selling our existing home as well as helping us find a perfect fit for our new home. Although we had previously purchased a home we had never sold one and it had been almost 10 years since we went through the buying process so we totally felt like it was our first time all over again. Also the market was totally different this time around. Paul not only walked us through everything step by step he was critical in bringing stability into a process that can be very emotional and over whelming. Paul was fantastic in keeping everyone expectations in the right place. Paul provided just the right touch, making sure the important points in each transaction were where we needed them to be, while making sure that the little things got taken care of, and most importantly that the deals went through and did not fall apart due to something minor. I highly recommend Paul to anyone looking to list or purchase a home anywhere in the greater Boston area and beyond. Paul truly has the perfect mix of knowledge, attentiveness, and follow through to get deals done.  ~  Seller, Medford, 2014

Paul Visconti

Paul is a great real estate agent! He is knowledgeable and attentive. He worked hard to prepare my condo listing and advertise the sale. I had an offer in one week! Paul made sure the whole process went smoothly. He took care of every detail. I would absolutely call him again with any real estate needs I may have in the future. I highly recommend Paul to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate.  ~  Seller, Revere, 2014

Steve helped us through sale of one home and the purchase of another. There were a lot of nuances involved and his experience was priceless. He was patient, calm, kind and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend Steve and already have.

James Trano

By nature, I am demanding with high expectations and James was a complete Rock Star by my book. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that I know. We met James at an open house almost 2 years ago; he stayed in touch and helped us familiarize ourselves with the market and the value of my house. Last year, we decided last minute not to list our house and he and his broker were very respectful of our decision and did not feel pressured to do so. When we finally listed our house, the process was very professionally handled and efficient.

Here's a synopsis of the timelines: We decided to list our house on a Tuesday, the photographer was scheduled for Wed., the house listing went online on Thursday, broker tour on Friday, two open houses on Saturday and Sunday, and we accepted an offer, above asking price with favorable conditions by the following Tuesday. Many issues came up in the sale of the house; I will highlight a couple to showcase James exemplary service.

Firstly, it was clear that the fire inspection was not going to pass. James helped in the sourcing and scheduling of the electrician for the rewiring of all the fire alarms. He has a wide network of contractors and without fail they have come through for us. What was remarkable about this particular issue is that we were on vacation when the work was scheduled. It was unavoidable, but the electrician has left some holes in the ceiling and walls that required a handyman to patch and paint the holes. James tried to schedule a handyman but was unable on a short notice. To our amazement, he found out that he spent a late evening with his son doing the work himself on our house. This work was done 2 days before closing so it was critical that it gets done. Clearly, this was beyond our expectations and above and beyond the tour of duty and we were immensely grateful for his dedication.

Secondly, and more noteworthy and remarkable was the way that James handled some title related issues that showed up at the last minute. This is a long and convoluted story but suffice it to say that James spent more time helping us than 5 different law offices combined. He was resourceful in finding the owner title insurance company (we were on vacation), he figured out through incredible detective work that one title issue was a non-issue (5 different law offices did not spot it), he spent endless hours on the phone with my bank and their hierarchy trying to resolve two title issues that were wrongly discharged. He was again more effective than my own lawyers! I did not think that I will close on my house and was getting ready for backup plans. I have no doubt in my mind that without James' help my house would not have sold. We were encountering a difficult buyer that would not accept indemnification and all title irregularities needed to be resolved ahead of the sale, and they were in record time. Well done James!

I mentioned his network earlier and I want to highlight another example. The office recommended a paint job for the exterior of the house before selling. We called a number of painters and James referred us to someone that did the work on his mother's home. The guy was professional, punctual, got the job done with care at half the cost of the other quotes that we got. We have since recommended him to a number of our friends and was hired by two. James is a very nice person and cares about his clients. He is very resourceful, patient, and a dedicated agent and we were lucky to have met him and happy to have hired him to represent us in the sale and buying of our home.

We would not hesitate to recommend James or his broker to our friends. This is a great office, run very professionally, able to build trust through dedicated agent and knowledgeable broker.

Anne Volpe

Annie was exceptional. She had great knowledge of the overall market and had a very calming influence on my very nervous mother who was the buyer. She was accommodating to our schedules and provided fantastic insight into each home. I would use Annie on any future home purchase and would recommend her to my family and friends.

Emily Forshay-Crowley

While home buying experience can be very stressful experience especially for a first time home buyer like myself, Emily has been extremely helpful. She has patiently guided me thru the entire buying process. Her advise and guidance are very well appreciated since my lawyer and banker were very unresponsive to my queries and questions. They were only looking out for the best interest of the bank and definitely not for me. Emily has also been an effective conduit between all parties in the transaction. She helped resolve any issues that arose in a timely manner. I must say she has represented the seller very well, but at the same time she has did not compromise my interest as a buyer at all. She played the middle-person role very well and no doubt very fair. In the last 2 months, I have build a great deal of respect for Emily's knowledge and experience in the real estate business. I will definitely recommend her service to others who may be buying or selling a property.

James Trano

James was the best and I have the greatest appreciation for his efforts and work on our behalf. He especially made things easy for me down the closing stretch in ways that I would think are beyond the call of duty for many realtors.

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