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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I have known Adam Rosenbaum for years and specifically went to Century 21 to work with him. I had been fairly aggressively pursued by another broker who had sold the other condo in my house. But knowing Adam's warm style, I wanted to work with him as I looked for a new house to buy. Mine was a very prolonged and stressful sale. At one point, the seller actually took his house off the market for over three weeks. He could be very erratic and difficult for the realtor's to reach. It actually took almost six months for this sale to be completed. Adam's calming presence, and availability made this much more tolerable. He was very reassuring that we would get through this. His persistence in keeping us on track is notable giving that he would profit very little from this sale.I realized just how experienced and professional Adam was. He helped make all aspects of my house buying experience so much less stressful. He discussed with me the various offers I could make on the house without, at any time, telling me what to do. When the seller suddenly left town without responding to my offer, Adam called me immediately when my offer was due to expire and then later, as soon as he knew, let me know why I had received no response. Later once the sale was agreed to, Adam help me with recommendations for mortgage brokers, lawyers and estate sale people, in each case giving us recommendations to select from. I can't express how helpful this has been.In sum, Adam found my dream house in an area I hadn't seriously considered. Being from New York City, I've always lived very near a major city. I found that I couldn't find or afford what I wanted in Arlington and expanded to be a little outside Rt. 128. I saw other houses in Burlington that I was not impressed with, but was stunned to see this open layout contemporary house, designed by a Japanese architect. It is a truly unique house and Adam was able to see that, even though I had lived in an 1863 Victorian for almost 30 years. This gave me all the things I had secretly longed for. It was that ability to see outside the box that helped Adam recognize that this might be "my" house. In addition, before I could even give him a "thank you" gift, he gave my husband and I complementary tickets to the Huntington Theatre in Boston. I didn't even know that Adam knew that this was one of my favorite venues in which to see live theater. This, in many ways, is why I feel Adam's sensitivity and expertise embody his unique caring style. I literally can't thank Adam enough for his vision and support. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Anne did a great job! Everything was smooth sailing! Anne was a great agent, very informative and I would refer her to anyone I know! The deal went very smooth! I would refer Anne to anyone I know!

Having dealt with Anne in the past is really the only factor I need to continue asking her to help me with my real estate needs. That's truly how great she is at what she does, and how great she is as a person. Everything about Anne's demeanor, attitude, personality and approach are truly excellent. Anne has helped me purchase two homes and sell one. I will never ever consider asking anyone but Anne to help me with my future needs, and I recommend her to everyone that I know. Most especially, Anne is truthful, proactive, concise, organized, knowledgeable and consistently a step ahead. Anne, I can't thank you enough for all of your help in the last 5 years, and certainly we'll talk soon about the next transaction.

After speaking to Adam about putting house on the market, my neighbor offered to buy the house and seemed very interested pending sale of other property, so I told Adam I was selling the house to neighbor. He couldn't have been more gracious after spending time with me about the sale and all. But neighbor couldn't get what he wanted for his property so he reneged. Adam went right into sell mode and the rest is history. 

Adam was wonderful! He knew us well and was very patient. We were house hunting for two years, and we felt like we were in very good hands the whole time. Thanks, Adam! 

Adam patiently helped me buy my first apartment back in 2009 and then got me a great deal when I sold that place in 2013. So, their was no question that I was going to use him as my agent again when buying a house in 2015. That said, even though Adam and I had become friends, he never took my business for granted and worked tirelessly even when the search for a house in this competitive market became challenging. He coached me through several bidding wars and even a failed home inspection to help my wife and I find the perfect house for us. I simply could not be happier with Adam. 

Anne helped me buy a condominium three years ago, and recently a house. I hope I can work with Anne in the years to come, and I've already starter referring my friends. Absolutely A +.

Brian understood our situation and our need to not have to secure a hotel that would allow our 2 dogs . Brian worked it out with the listing agent to enable us to rent the new home for a couple of days prior to closing. This made the transition to the new home seamless for us and our dogs.

Emily was great - She was timely and always gave us very thoughtful advice throughout the process. She understood our needs and helped us to understand pros/cons of different properties that we looked at. We didn't have extensive experience with the home buying process (although we had some experience) and Emily was very thorough in walking us through and making sure we're comfortable every step of the way. She was also helpful in recommending people for inspections, attorney, etc.

I used to work with James about 10 years ago and always knew him to be loyal and reliable. Because of Facebook, I knew that he later became a real estate agent. Because I wanted to work with someone that I knew, I contacted him to work with us. He was a pleasure to deal with and often talked me off the ledge late at night when I wasn't sure of the process.

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