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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

As we were looking for a new location for our business, Natalia took the time to understand the needs of our business and the demographics of our client base. She was diligent in monitoring the availability in our area of interest and located a commercial space that perfectly met our criteria.

Natalia’s informed advice simplified our decision to sign the lease. Throughout the process, Natalia came across as professional, transparent and trustworthy. We would highly recommend her services.

Juliet went above and beyond any expectations I may have had in a realtor. She was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the real estate business, and what she was unsure of she was honest and went about finding the answers we needed. I was dealing with the death of a loved one (the property owner) . Juliet was kind and patient. She knew just how hard to push me to do certain things, and when to back off. She was extremely helpful when things needed to be done at the property. If I was unable to be there, she stepped right up and not only made the arraignments, but she was there to make sure the work was completed. I know Juliet gave 110% of herself. She made me feel as though my little condo was every bit as important as a million dollar mansion. I would most definitely use Juliet again and not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

100% Satisfaction      100% Performance      100% Recommendation

We first met Juliet in the early stages of our home search when we made an appointment with her to see a property. She was professional, knowledgeable communicated clearly. We ended up not liking the property, but we were happy with our interactions with Juliet and decided to choose her as our buying agent. Juliet was an hardworking agent. With her help, we looked at over 30 properties before settling in on the one we finally bought. Throughout the experience, Juliet was very accommodating and understanding of our home purchase needs, and went above and beyond to get us through many hurdles along the way of our home-buying process. We were lucky of have Juliet working with us and have already started recommending her to our friends.

100% Satisfaction   100% Performance   100% Recommendation

We met Pixie at an open house she was helping with and were immediately comfortable talking with her and could sense her genuine helpfulness and kindness and knowledge. Pixie was such an amazing fit for us! She went above and beyond across the board and made the process so much more comfortable than it would have been otherwise. Fantastic resource and friend too! Pixie was always there for us at all hours of the day and weekends and whenever! Definitely was our rock through this process! She really is the best! Honestly made our whole experience better wherever she was involved!

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